2009 Garden Walk

Gardening that sustains us –

with nature, art, food, and community…

Over 900 visitors joined in the Franklin Garden Walk, which featured two distinct environments.

  • walking tour of our Historic District – with gardening features best viewed in the context of neighborhood and community.
  • driving tour to walk through individual gardens, each reflecting some aspect of gardening that helps to sustain us and our communities.

Visitors wandered through private gardens in and around Franklin and notice these features:

  • Herbs and vegetables inter-planted with flowers for enhancing Slow Foods.
  • Farmhouse artistry … with fresh fish and fruit trees … flowers, bees and critters.
  • Classic Italian structure and formal design, while incorporating composting.
  • Tiny lots, with imagination, become retreats that still welcome neighbors.
  • Native plants convert woodland hillsides with Zen-like simplicity and serenity.

Berkshire Middle School opened up their Victory Garden, exciting both students and visitors alike.  Students had planned, planted and tended their garden.  The bumper crop of produce was donated to local food banks.

Berkshire Victory Garden Harvest

1200 tomatoes
30 pounds of potatoes
3 large boxes of sweet peas
85 pounds of carrots
86 cucumbers
93 green peppers
90 bunches of collard greens
3 giant pumpkins
15 pounds of onions
20 pounds of radishes
20 eggplants