Kreger Farm House

The newly relocated Kreger Farm House, circa 1860, was a working farm.  Soon it will be a community center … with a little more help.

Its architecture is an excellent example of the early Greek revival that was popular during the time period 1820-1860, when Franklin Village’s distinctive character began to form roots.  A few of these early nineteenth century buildings remain as a grounding for “who we are” as a community.   The house, shed and barn are taking on new life, and the Franklin Garden Club has made significant financial donations to help in this restoration process.

The Farmhouse stayed in the Kreger family from 1918 until their daughter, Maxine, died in 2006.   The Village is proud to have such history that will also serve the larger community – and eventually provide a meeting place for the Franklin Garden Club and so many other community groups.

The Brought House Garden is right next to the newly situated Kreger buildings and we anticipate a lovely 19th century garden sprouting up soon.  Please visit the website for the Kreger Farmhouse and contribute whatever you can.  The Garden Club has made this our largest contribution.  Please help make this a special place for all of us.