Women’s National Farm and Garden Association was founded in 1914 by Miss Jane Haines, in connection with the School of Horticulture for Women at Ambler, Pennsylvania.  It brings together, in a national organization, women who were united by the common bond of love for gardening and the environment. 

Today, the Association has Divisions located in Michigan and Pennsylvania, with branches in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Nationally, we have funded and sponsored several major projects in the National Arboretum in Washington, DC. We sponsor the Associated Country Women of the World, headquartered in England, whose efforts to provide health and education services in more than sixty countries.  We have been involved in Grace E. Frysinger, a goodwill exchange between our Association and the ACWW abroad.

The framework of the organization consists of a National Committee and Council, elected by the general membership; the Division Executive Committee and Council which include the Branch Presidents in each State; and most important of all, the Branches which are the basic units for the execution of the projects of the Association.

Our Goals

To stimulate an active interest in the conservation of our natural resources and an appreciation and love for home life.

To assist the women on the farm and the women in the city to a realization of their interdependence and to a better understanding of their mutual and individual problems.

To help, through scholarships and expert advice to achieve the best training in agriculture, horticulture, oceanography, and the related professions, and to develop opportunities for those so trained.

To cooperate with National and International groups of women with similar interest.

The Franklin Branch can be proud of our many accomplishments and service to our community. We plant and maintain the historic Broughton House garden at our village office square, are an integral part of the Labor Day Round-up, and host our annual Garden Walk that raises funds for many organizations. Over the years we have also won many WNG&GA Michigan Division awards as well as National Awards